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Flour from Dan Unda

Luke does a fair bit of travelling and has been good to take pictures on his travels.

This time he has only gone and got one from the other side of the world! Flour from a Safeway's in Mornington, Victoria, Australia.

Safeway - Mornington, Melbourne

Now that is a big rack of flour. It's not not as bold as the Egyptian flour's walls but it does have that towering feeling. Stacked high and to the edge, it's a pretty imposing arrangement.

It's a pretty good range of types, sizes and from the picture, looks fairly well laid out. The big bags are on the bottom shelf - you don't often see sacks of flour like that in UK supermarkets - and the more specialist flours are out of reach of the kids.

First from down under, and it's pretty damn good sport.


See how important it should be!

Now, for a while I have been hoping for someone to send me a picture of the flour in a store that shows it's true value. Not just on a shelf in the home baking section, but being having a song and dance made about it.

How can you top this doooozy!??!?

BAMM! In the middle of the store, two pallets!  Nobody will have trouble finding the flour now.

interspa pankrac

It would be easy to moan because it's on pallets, but as the pro arrangers out there will know, pallets can make it look bad.... but it isn't too bad here.

If it looked too unsafe I would be shouting "THIS ISN"T THE STOCKROOM PEOPLE!!!!" because it could be a - if in the UK - a Health and Safety issue.

I am not sure how to judge it in terms of an "arrangement", so I'll judge it on how pleased i was to see it.



Nothing Dull about Dulwich

Check theses out! Thanks Nina!

If this collection were Monkeys (not flour) it would be a BIG troop. I tried to put the two photos together, but they don't join. This means that there is more flour between these pictures. This is good stuff.

This arrangement is from Sainsbury's in Dulwich and it's pretty good.

dulwich 2


Dulwich 1

That is one hell of a flourtastic range. Basics, common offenders and then a good range of strenght colour and size... including Naan mixes. lovely.

Nina said "Not the best quality.." I assume she is talking about the photos not the range, but the photos aren't bad, we know the pressure of capturing the moment and not looking like a train spotter - losers, yes there is more than one in that photo.

Anyway, back to the flour, or should i say the thin and crispy cheese and tomatoe pizzas?? OR what looks like a lemon curd maybe a chutney?!?!?

If this was tidy and full, it would be top of the shops.... but it isn't.


First Home Arrangement

"Forget the professionals" I hear you cry! "Just because they get paid to do it, doesn't mean they are any good."

We'll I don't know how true that is. If you haven't seen the previous entry featuring Waitrose in Clerkenwell, then you're not aware of how some of us take it seriously.

It is the brave amateur who sends a picture in for there arrangement to be ...erm given a baked critique by me. Someone has!!! We'll it isn't their arrangement.

The picture was sent in by Nick whilst raiding his mums cupboard, saying the following...

"Notice the mix of other backing related materials

Very difficult to distinguish between rye and very strong wholemeal due to side on arrangement

Hope you like"

Nicks Mum

The other shelves have been blurred to protect their identities, it also makes the content more sinister :)

What a lovely home arrangement, a nice and tidy baking shelf.

Nothing is running low, a nice selection of flours including a quality Rye. All the tops have been rolled the same way - a touch of detail I like.

Nick maybe right that a mix up could occur with the Rye and the Strong Wholemeal, but aesthetics win on this occasion.

Most over all, it's pleasing to see that this amateur isn't no "johnny come lately", by day they could be a professional and this is there out of hours project.

It's lovely. Thanks for sending the photo Nick.


Narodni Trida raises the bar

Even if Sam and I are the only people in the world that have a passion for arranged flour, then i am still happy to know i am not alone.

I am going for a walk shortly to find a local store and take some snaps but the entry for today is covered - and it is a beaut! Sam has sent another entry from Prague, this time Narodni Trida Tescos.

Prague 4 - tescos

Sam says... "to follow on from last post, here is an example of how facing up should be done!!!
Tesco in Andel should take note of the Tesco near Metro stop Narodni Trida....BLAMMO!

BLAMMO indeed! Check out that display. it is the best yet. it's pretty tidy, although it could be better. Nice range, and big quantities on the basics.