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Wright out of nowhere

Thanks to Deb the Bread for getting in touch and sending some glorious pictures of some large scale flour arrangements.

For those of you who don't know "Deb the Bread", I'd like you to question how much you really love flour, and why isn't she in your world.  Deb lives in the world of wright's flour and has been kind enough to send us some pictures.


Now check that arrangement. It's obvious they take arrangements seriously, though I have to wonder about that one stray pallet on the floor and not the shelf. hmm..

Deb The Bread was also kind enough to say that our flour lovers can "join our free club and be sent a free recipe booklet each year", you can find the sign up form here.

Here's another picture included in the email, of one proud professional arranger.

Sat on flour

Is it right to rate the flour arrangement? hell yeah.

I have a little experience of warehouse management, so I am defiantly in a position to judge.

Quantities look good, not too much, but enough to handle the flow of orders, and it looks like the range of flours are stocked.

It's super tidy and strong enough for a full grown man to sit on. what more can you want?

9/10 - it's not perfect, we're not forgetting that palette on the floor.

Waitrose - Clerkenwell

I was a little too impressed yesterday. I was smiling from ear to ear as took these pictures. Those who were "shopping" and ignoring the beautiful flour arrangement looked puzzled about what i was smiling about. But I admit it I was very impressed.

They just don't understand, but when you look at the pictures, maybe you'll appreciate the effort. I'll let them do the talking.

full length shot

Clerkenwell 1

Yes. you're right. PRETTY IMPRESSIVE. So impressive I took two more pictures of the shelving to see the detail a little better.

Top half

Clerkenwell 1 - top

bottom half

clerkenwell 1 -bottom

What is there to say?

its got variety, not just in types but sizes. It's got cheap flour, expensive flour, it looks like the shelves are full, it's not scruffy.

I think it has a sign of quality. The shelf looks this good and it is mid-afternoon, and not at the end of the day tidy up.

A good arrangement. 9/10