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Franprix - Paris, France

So, I was in Paris a number of weeks back, and even though I was working really hard I managed to get a flour photo. At the time it looked fine, but once loaded on to the computer i see it is a little blurry. oh dear.

I hope you can understand that my French isn't as good as my English, so trying to explain to the Franprix's security guards that I have a flour site ... wasn't really an option. So I was in and out, without looking like i has stolen something - except a picture of the flour :)

Franprix, rue des petites ecuries, Paris, France

Yes, I know. A pretty poor photo. But not a bad display. Pretty tidy, nice selection - even if I am not sure of the details of the selection.

The store was a inner city "metro" sized affair, so a large convenience store. So I was pretty pleased with the arrangement - even if it's a little disappointing to have the flour hidden behind the post, it surely shouldn't be obstructed like this.