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Nothing Dull about Dulwich

Check theses out! Thanks Nina!

If this collection were Monkeys (not flour) it would be a BIG troop. I tried to put the two photos together, but they don't join. This means that there is more flour between these pictures. This is good stuff.

This arrangement is from Sainsbury's in Dulwich and it's pretty good.

dulwich 2


Dulwich 1

That is one hell of a flourtastic range. Basics, common offenders and then a good range of strenght colour and size... including Naan mixes. lovely.

Nina said "Not the best quality.." I assume she is talking about the photos not the range, but the photos aren't bad, we know the pressure of capturing the moment and not looking like a train spotter - losers, yes there is more than one in that photo.

Anyway, back to the flour, or should i say the thin and crispy cheese and tomatoe pizzas?? OR what looks like a lemon curd maybe a chutney?!?!?

If this was tidy and full, it would be top of the shops.... but it isn't.


"Whammy...sainos local Putney"

Nicely put Nick! Whammy indeed!

This time Nick's back with a professional arrangement, from his Sainsbury's local.

Putney Local

"Good choice for a small store but no pride in their display, tut!"

It does lack some quality straight lines (which you'd expect from the traditional display), but i personally think there is something in stacking them high and making the baker engage in a game of Jenga to get the flour they want.

I also love the fact that Sainsbury's see them as the "top shelf" items of the baking world. Just like the magazines are kept out of reach of the young ones, the flour needs to be up there too.

Even though I find this a humorous display, what is granny going to do? She's not going to be able to reach up there and if she can, will she be able to handle the pressure of Jenga??? I think a letter needs to be sent to some health and safety bod.

As Nick said, a nice range for a small store, but due to the dangers for Gran, It gets marked down.

This is serious.