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The Red Bag and The Blue Bag Had a Race!

Sam comes up trumps again with an absolute horror show from Lidl in North Walsham.


Seriously Lidl, either North Walsham is full of self-raising flour addicts or you are bidding for the wooden spoon in flour arrangement!

I hope your next delivery contains enough self-raising to rectify this travesty, until then;



Super Star Flour

Another photo sent in from Czech temporary resident Sam, this time from Tesco in Narodni Trida, Prague.

I am glad to see that Tesco CZ takes flour as seriously as we do and this 'Super Star' arrangement only goes to prove that! I really like the simplicity of this colour-coded 3-tier system with Granny giving it the big OK hand symbol in the poster above.

Having said that I don't think she would be so happy to see the rogue red bags sneaking their way onto the blue column, one of them clearly dislodging one of the blue bags from it's rightful place. I imagine she would also not be too pleased about the completely reversed pack of green flour in the first green column, come on Tesco, have some respect for Granny Flour!

5/10 - Great idea, poorly executed.


What a busy day

It's been a busy day with such lots of excitement that i thought I would give a quick update.

I am in Paris! due some some work commitments, I've to jumped on the euro-star and made that short... and badly delayed .. journey.

The tomorrow will be dictated by work that needs to be done, but I am hoping to get myself about and get some flour snaps :)

I also has a conversation with Mr G Rain, and the idea of trying to arrange a visit to Wrights Flour in north london. So, who is up for it? If we can arrange an outing (and assuming that "deb the bread" doesn't mind giving us a guided tour) to Wrights? either email me or comment and we'll try and arrange something.

The final excitement which urged me to write this entry is an email i got from Sam (who is based out in the Czech republic).  it's a doooozy. I'll look to upload it tomorrow.

Sam in Prague

I don't really know what to say. Some cracking pictures of a foreign (not in the UK) store.

Hopefully i don't get over excited by this first set of pictures from a "flour fanatic"(?) and get too generous with points.

Check these beauties! Czech Republic Tesco in Andel, Prague.

Prague 1 - tescos

Nice variety, could do with "facing up" (a technical term for bringing the self contents to the front of the shelf), quantity is good on most of the lines, but a little low on the bottom shelf in the next picture.

Prague 2 - tescos

But they'll not run out when they have palettes of the stuff.

Prague 3 - tescos

Now the quanity is there but boy is that messy! What is the "rapid" cleaning product doing to the right?  I suppose you need to clean up after some baking.

Not sure if the cost is good or not, maybe sam will comment and tell us more information.

It's difficult to comment on the overall arrangement as the first picture looks good, the second could do better, and the last is ok but messy around the edges. Maybe they could have got some patten going on the pallet?


for a minute i thought i was alone

You wouldn't believe it. Actually you would, as you (not me) has been sending pictures of some flour arrangements!

I thought i was alone, and that this would only be some lonely recordings of my flour arrangement spotting. Then Sam sends some lovely pictures from Prague! Yes Prague in the Czech Republic!

I'll add them shortly, but i just had to share the excitement that i am not alone.

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