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Waitrose - Clerkenwell

I was a little too impressed yesterday. I was smiling from ear to ear as took these pictures. Those who were "shopping" and ignoring the beautiful flour arrangement looked puzzled about what i was smiling about. But I admit it I was very impressed.

They just don't understand, but when you look at the pictures, maybe you'll appreciate the effort. I'll let them do the talking.

full length shot

Clerkenwell 1

Yes. you're right. PRETTY IMPRESSIVE. So impressive I took two more pictures of the shelving to see the detail a little better.

Top half

Clerkenwell 1 - top

bottom half

clerkenwell 1 -bottom

What is there to say?

its got variety, not just in types but sizes. It's got cheap flour, expensive flour, it looks like the shelves are full, it's not scruffy.

I think it has a sign of quality. The shelf looks this good and it is mid-afternoon, and not at the end of the day tidy up.

A good arrangement. 9/10

Narodni Trida raises the bar

Even if Sam and I are the only people in the world that have a passion for arranged flour, then i am still happy to know i am not alone.

I am going for a walk shortly to find a local store and take some snaps but the entry for today is covered - and it is a beaut! Sam has sent another entry from Prague, this time Narodni Trida Tescos.

Prague 4 - tescos

Sam says... "to follow on from last post, here is an example of how facing up should be done!!!
Tesco in Andel should take note of the Tesco near Metro stop Narodni Trida....BLAMMO!

BLAMMO indeed! Check out that display. it is the best yet. it's pretty tidy, although it could be better. Nice range, and big quantities on the basics.