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An International feel closer to home

The last couple of posts (and some of ones in the not too distant future) have been from overseas. So, here is one from Julian that's from a little closer to home, but with has a tenuous link to it being "International".

Here is an arrangement from the "International Supermarket" in Bethnal Green. This place is across the road from a Tescos Metro, so needs to have it's Unique Selling Point and they have one..... They are selling international goods!

I'd not call it a supermarket as such, but it defiantly is International, but the clues are in the name :)

International Market - Bethnal Green - london

They have the element of convenience covered, we've often seen McDougalls appear in situations like this, but it has a whole bottom shelf of extra fun.

As Julian said "I was amazed at the quality here. I mean flour from Sarajevo. Wow.", and I agree. wow. They have an impressive selection of types and sizes for such a small shop.

You can tell that Julian was obviously was that impressed he bought a packet of flour before taking the picture. It's easy to understand the instinct to buy the flour before taking the picture, what an easy mistake to make.

I'm impressed to see a shop of it's size sell more than the standard McDougalls.


oh. all the best for 2011. Hope you have a flouring good year.