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First Home Arrangement

"Forget the professionals" I hear you cry! "Just because they get paid to do it, doesn't mean they are any good."

We'll I don't know how true that is. If you haven't seen the previous entry featuring Waitrose in Clerkenwell, then you're not aware of how some of us take it seriously.

It is the brave amateur who sends a picture in for there arrangement to be ...erm given a baked critique by me. Someone has!!! We'll it isn't their arrangement.

The picture was sent in by Nick whilst raiding his mums cupboard, saying the following...

"Notice the mix of other backing related materials

Very difficult to distinguish between rye and very strong wholemeal due to side on arrangement

Hope you like"

Nicks Mum

The other shelves have been blurred to protect their identities, it also makes the content more sinister :)

What a lovely home arrangement, a nice and tidy baking shelf.

Nothing is running low, a nice selection of flours including a quality Rye. All the tops have been rolled the same way - a touch of detail I like.

Nick maybe right that a mix up could occur with the Rye and the Strong Wholemeal, but aesthetics win on this occasion.

Most over all, it's pleasing to see that this amateur isn't no "johnny come lately", by day they could be a professional and this is there out of hours project.

It's lovely. Thanks for sending the photo Nick.