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Simple arrangement

Thanks for everyone sending in pictures and keep them coming.

The picture sent in today is from a flour fan who is in fact...  my mum. As the best mum in the world, her first picture was taken some time ago, but not emailed in until recently. The first picture she took shows where we should all be starting from, not tescos, the basics..

Lowestoft 1

The picture shows mainstream flour arranging, with the basic white flours.

  • Red = Plain
  • Blue = Self Raising

You can see the focus is on the two colours and how they have attempted to have the flours lined up across the two shelves. Maybe it would have been nicer if the small plain flour was on another shelf. It would given a nicer lines.

The rating can only be on what the picture shows, although we can see that this store probably has a lot more to offer.

As it is only a basic display with the basic flours, there is a ceiling to the points it can achieve. It has bundles there, and it's not too shabby.


Thanks mum!

Narodni Trida raises the bar

Even if Sam and I are the only people in the world that have a passion for arranged flour, then i am still happy to know i am not alone.

I am going for a walk shortly to find a local store and take some snaps but the entry for today is covered - and it is a beaut! Sam has sent another entry from Prague, this time Narodni Trida Tescos.

Prague 4 - tescos

Sam says... "to follow on from last post, here is an example of how facing up should be done!!!
Tesco in Andel should take note of the Tesco near Metro stop Narodni Trida....BLAMMO!

BLAMMO indeed! Check out that display. it is the best yet. it's pretty tidy, although it could be better. Nice range, and big quantities on the basics.


Sam in Prague

I don't really know what to say. Some cracking pictures of a foreign (not in the UK) store.

Hopefully i don't get over excited by this first set of pictures from a "flour fanatic"(?) and get too generous with points.

Check these beauties! Czech Republic Tesco in Andel, Prague.

Prague 1 - tescos

Nice variety, could do with "facing up" (a technical term for bringing the self contents to the front of the shelf), quantity is good on most of the lines, but a little low on the bottom shelf in the next picture.

Prague 2 - tescos

But they'll not run out when they have palettes of the stuff.

Prague 3 - tescos

Now the quanity is there but boy is that messy! What is the "rapid" cleaning product doing to the right?  I suppose you need to clean up after some baking.

Not sure if the cost is good or not, maybe sam will comment and tell us more information.

It's difficult to comment on the overall arrangement as the first picture looks good, the second could do better, and the last is ok but messy around the edges. Maybe they could have got some patten going on the pallet?


I started close to home

Here is a photo of the first arrangement i took.

My first arrangement

It was taken in Tescos, Clerkenwell, Central London.

I don't know how this will work but surely I should rate this professional arrangement - people are being paid to arrange these, so it is professional.

The selection is poor with just one brand, the positioning ain't great and it just doesn't have any life.

3 / 10 and i think i am being kind.